Top Games Inc

"Top Games Inc. is a global video game firm that services players from all over the globe. "

About Me

Although Top Games Inc. was founded in 2015, it has a lengthy history. The team's core members have a combined ten years of expertise in the industry, accumulating the knowledge and experience necessary to build stronger characters, storylines, graphics, and platforms. Throughout their careers, the trio made goods worth millions of dollars.

On top of that robust foundation, Top Games was able to create its own global game publishing infrastructure. Despite the fact that web and social games dominated the business in the early 2010s, the core team predicted that mobile games will soon catch on. Years of research and planning went into creating the ultimate battle strategy smartphone game. The fourth installment of the epic adventure known as the Evony franchise, The King's Return, was released in 2016. Only a year later, at the Super Bowl, Top Games Inc. broadcast a promo for The King's Return, catapulting the game into the Top 5 Most Downloaded games in the United States. Many historical heroes, like George Washington, King Arthur, and Empress Wu, teamed forces in the commercial to face a variety of global threats. Who We Are We are a game development firm focused on generating unique and interesting games. The founders of Top Games wanted to give their audience an unforgettable experience.